Stamped Concrete Driveway

Hey guys,
I have a stamped concrete driveway and patio to clean next week and wanted to make sure I have the right chemicals. I will be using a surface cleaner and my 4gpm cold water machine. I have tried doing a search but haven’t found what I am looking for. the drive doesn’t seem that dirty, mostly mulch stains and a few grease looking spots. Should I use my HW mix, what is safe on the sealed concrete? Any advice would be great, I want to do a nice job. Thanks again.

Also I meant to ask this, at my house I have a paver patio around the in ground pool, I wanted to clean the pavers around the pool. Is there any problem with chemicals running into the pool? I’m sure you guys run into this a lot, how do you handle working around pools.

Other than the soap in your HW mix you have nothing to worry about. SH is used to “shock” pools any what’s so you should be fine

Britton Emerson
Emerson Exteriors
Victoria BC Canada

Ok my normal HW mix is Sh/Elemonator/Kling On/Water

We try not to get our soap mixture into a pool because it can suds up the water. We also try to use only hot water by a pool if possible…but…if we have to use a SH mix we take out the surfacant(Soap) and just dilute the SH with water. Reason for that is if SH gets in the pool its not a bid deal since we are using pool shock(Liquid Chlorine) which is the same the pool companies use.

Ok that makes sense, do you have any suggestions as to what I can safely use on the stamped concrete?
Thanks for the help.

We use regular house wash mix on stamped concrete. Because it is usually sealed, we don’t typically use any degreaser. F-18 might soften the grease but it could possibly soften the sealer also.

Thanks for the feedback Tim, I appreciate it.