Stalling Pressure Washer

I have a strange problem. My pressure washer stalls occasionally. Maybe once every one or two months i’ll be cleaning and it will just shut off. Sometime it’s after 30 mins and sometimes after 3 hours. Sometimes it will start back up and not shut off again. Sometimes it will start back up and then shut off over and over again in smaller and smaller time increments…but it always runs fine the next day. It’s got less than 300 hours on it. Any ideas?

Replace the low oil switch, I had the same problem

I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

Same problem. I disconnected the low oil switch. Just check your oil often.

Same problem here too. If you just add a couple oz of oil it should fix it.

UPDATE: it’s not the oil switch. I disconnected it and the stalling continues. The machine sounds like it’s running out of gas and then eventually quits. I am frustrated because I don’t know when it will happen. I’ll go weeks with no issues and then, like this morning, the machine works for 2 minutes and stalls out. I cancel the job, head home and now it seems to be working just fine. I can’t get it to fail again. I have no idea whats going on.

Mine is doing the same exact thing. It stopped after topping off the oil (which was already changed) then started again. Stalls out randomly. Pressure Pro 8gpm at 3000psi. Just under 300 hours. I’m changing the fuel filter now to see if that helps. It’s odd, and very annoying


I spoke to a repair shop on the phone and they said debris in the fuel tank could be causing it. This answer has made the most sense so far. Fuel intake gets clogged, machine shuts down, I drive it away and jostle the particles loose and then it works at the next place I run it at. I’m going to try to clean the tank out but unfortunately I am not mechanically inclined so we will see how this goes.

Hey, did changing the fuel filter solve the problem?

Changing the filter and running a full tank of premium fuel seemed to work for now. I think it was def a fuel issue. From what I heard the Honda’s can run funny if the fuel is low grade shit. I usually run higher octane fuel every once in a while to keep it cleaner.

I cleaned out the tank and it seems to be fine now. Going to change the filter at some point as well. Glad you’re rig is running also.

Is it a small Honda or motor with built in gas tank? New emissions crap makes new caps have charcoal in them. If gas splashes up and wets the charcoal the cap can’t vent and it stalls out until the charcoal dries out. Get an old cap or take the cap off the next time it happens and try to restart it.

Yes, small motor. GX390. I will keep your advice in mind for next time. Thanks!

Yup exactly what @Innocentbystander says. I had the same problem with my Honda Gx390. Got a different gas cap an no more stalling

Low oil switch or coil could be on its way out, Either way sounds electrical to me

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Just fyi
Low oil will shut down machine and not restart. Mine are disconnected so I don’t have to worry about parking on a slope and machine not running.

Coil issue: One goes out and machine keeps running on one cylinder. If you have Hondas carry spares. Fold business card in half to set gap. Weak point of Hondas are the coils. Every thousand hours plan on replacing.

@WashRiteNZ It’s not the low oil switch. I tried disconnecting it once and still had the same problem
@majestic66 Glad to find someone else with this problem. I was beginning to think I was going crazy. Any recommendations for a replacement gas cap?
@Innocentbystander Ok, thanks for the info

Small engine shop should have a pile of old ones. If not just gut out the top of the one you have

Hopefully that solves the problem. Ya it will drive you crazy. Walking back an forth to re-start after a stall.

Curious to know if this solves it, and/or if it’s something else

@Innocentbystander alright, thanks again!
@majestic66 I’ll update the thread if it happens again. I just cleaned out the tank and replaced the fuel filter so I’m waiting to see if that solves the problem (so far so good). Otherwise, I’ll move on to the gas cap.