Stains on stucco, how to clean?

Hello folks.
I got a client who wants me to clean their house. It is unsealed stucco. I plan on soft washing it but the stains under the windows makes me uncomfortable. What is these stains under the windows? If it is rust would it be safe to treat with muriatic acid? Any special consideration when cleaning unsealed stucco with acid?

Tell him you can’t promise the stains will clean up because you don’t know what kind of stains they are. Unless he hired you to get rid of the stains he’ll be happy with how great the rest of the house is. Set his expectations.

He wants to hire me to remove those stains.

Get you a ladder and a few spray bottles of different things and start experimenting in small spots. Personally I wouldn’t get anywhere near that with muriatic. Start with some f9 Barc or could try some Rust Aid… But you need to get up there and see what’s causing it anyway.

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That’s the worst stucco finish I’ve ever seen. What the heck is that!

Vaguely similar to a monterrey drag.

Customer decided to “go different direction” after I sent the estimate…