Stain on driveway of new construction home

Hey all. First time homeowner looking to close on a house soon, but have noticed a stain that has occurred in the driveway sometime since original pour that the developer insists can not be removed. If anyone has time to respond I’m looking for any outside advice on whether this can be removed or not. Really not sure what caused the stain, maybe paint? It is more noticeable when wet, but can also be seen when dry. Thanks in advance!

Do you put tire shine on your vehicle

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Thanks for the reply. I don’t, but we haven’t moved into the house yet. Around a week from completion so it’s definitely something that occurred during finish items/painting phase of construction.

Looks like someone spilled gas or sprayed brake cleaner. See it all the time.

Wait till the rain dries and your problem will vanish haha

If there’s no build up I’m betting some sort of lubricant or cleaning solvent was spilled. If that’s the case you could try grinding in kitty litter every day for a few days to see if it pulls anything out… but I’m betting not.

If the rest of the house is nice I wouldn’t obsess over an outside stain that shows up when it rains. Enjoy the new house :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on the new home! I’m in agreement with Greenman here. Hitting new concrete with high pressure will just damage the cream coat so I’d advise not to go more than 800 psi on that surface if you do try anything.

Could it be from hot hydraulic fluid, maybe from the truck that delivers the roofing supplies up to the roof. Maybe hit it with propane torch(prob wont do anything). But its definitely splattered and not a defect.

I see those all the time, yea that won’t come off

Exactly why the GF shouldn’t be letting workers or delivery drivers park or work on new concrete, accidents happen. I wouldn’t stress about this, it is minor, you will add to the mess eventually. I would be more interested in checking out the construction of the building. I worked with plenty of contractors over the years that would say things like “I can’t see it from my house”. I could give out a ton of examples, but anyone who has worked construction at any level knows what happens. besides 9/10 that concrete cracks in less than 4 years.