Square feet per hour

For commercial concrete, how many square feet do you shoot for per hour? (with a surface cleaner obviously) and what kind of machine are you using?


It depends on the condition. I try to shoot for how much I can clean in an hour, again depending on the condition, and charge accordingly to hit my $ per hour that I want to achieve. I’m using a Hydro Max unit that puts out 8gpm at 3500 psi

Hey Boss-- good question. I’m assuming your talking about per man because at times we had 6 guys going at one time. Just talking surface machine cleaning per hour and not Gum removal which can take alot longer, we use anywhere from a 24" surface machine all the way up to a 48" machine. All Powerwashers are 8gpm on up with hot water. I’d say per man we can range from 3000sq’ per hour up to over 10,000sq’ per hour.

Right, per man. We are currently using a 4/4000 machine and with a 20" surface cleaner can do about 1500 square feet an hour (no gum).

I’m looking to upgrade to a hot water unit and trying to figure out how much we could get done with a 5.5gpm machine…

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Thats impressive. Do you prefer 15 degree or 25 degree tips for your washers? Have a 3000 psi 8 gpm machine using a 28" and feel we just arn’t getting that much impact.

I have a new machine with those specs. Was thinking of getting a 28", but im curious why you arent able to push it.

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15 degree tip we use most often. We have used 25 degree tips plenty of times as well with good results. Also used 40 degree tips when the surface looked like an easy clean. Then there is of course oversized tips to bring down the pressure that we used at times as well.

So, what have you chosen? I’m between 28 big guy and 24 groundforce myself. 8gpm @3400 not sure what direction I’m going

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