Sprinter type vans

Hey Guys Random question ? Has anyone built a Sprinter type van With a pressure and soFt Wash setup?

I use a Ford e250 van, I like it


Do you Have Just a pressure Washer set Up Or soFt Wash To?
I’m planning on putting an 8 gpm got Water , 120volt booster pump, trying To figure Out How i Want To set It All Up Now

I have both, but you only need soft wash (12v) if you’re doing roofs, or post treating really bad mildew

Check out the Trailer Builds category for ideas, (click the three bars, top right)

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I’ve got a 2010 Sprinter I just recently moved everything into from my enclosed trailer. I’ve got the 170" wheelbase and extra tall ceiling. Still haven’t built any shelving yet, but bungie cords and velcro straps with the hooks from HD work great for now. Got an 8@3500 and a 5@waytoomuch, both cold, 275 gal tote (with corrugated pipe in as a baffle), alkota vfs, gas air compressor for my aodd, 28’ ladder, chems, 35 gal sh tank, and a bunch of other stuff I’m forgetting all in it. Haven’t put my vertical hotbox in yet, but there is definitely room. I keep an open path from the back doors to the tank/sliding door. Got a solid bulkhead behind the front seats, which definitely keeps the fumes out. I’ll post a video up sometime. Might have a pic or 2 somewhere on my phone.


Would Love To see pics Of It. Glad To Know It Can Be Done and Not Crazy for trying This Lol

I’d like to see some pics too.

I’ll try to get a video up in the next day or so. It can definitely be done. The 170" wb Sprinters have a workable floor space of 14’ long by about 5’ wide. There’s also a 170" extend/extra long that I believe has about another foot of floor space. I’ve got almost a foot between my head and the ceiling, and I’m about 5’10" without boots on. Max payload capacity on the non-extended 170" is right at 3k lbs. The best part is, these things get almost 30 mpg on the highway and around 22-25 mpg around town. They get up and go pretty good too for being a small v6 diesel. Just make sure if you get one older than 2011 that the oil cooler seals were already replaced with viton seals. It only cost about $100 for an oil cooler, seals, and all necessary gaskets, but man is it a pain in the butt to replace. Shops charge about $1,500 on average for labor to replace it. Also, you’ll need a good quality set of reverse torx sockets because everything on these things is bolted on with torx bolts, and harbor freight sockets don’t seat right and strip the heads.


I would LOVE to see some detailed pictures of your layout…I’m happy with my trailer now, but I’d like to go into a Sprinter in the next few years…Your setup sounds very similar to mine, so I’d love to see what you’ve done with it.

One more thing: How is your insurance cost? I wanted to go with a box truck at one point, but the insurance was a bit ridiculous.

I’ve got everything with State farm, other than my gl, which is through JD Walters. Just switched auto and home owners over from Auto Owners. With the multiple policy discount, I pay about $1,200 a year for the Sprinter. Auto Owners, with multiple policy and vehicle, was $1,800 for just the Sprinter. Same coverages, deductibles and everything. I would have looked into Eerie for everything, gl included, by they don’t cover Georgia yet.

I’ve got State Farm too, and love them…That price is about what I was looking at for a box truck…I guess you gotta pay to play, LOL

(As if $1200 a year is too much to spend on a vehicle that earns 100+ times that amount…As much as I hate “broke thinking”, I still do it sometimes :roll_eyes:)

For me, it’s only about $20 more a month than my family car. So it’s not too bad. Actually, it’s what I was paying for the wife’s Honda Pilot with Auto Owners. I believe Geico was a little cheaper, but I like having everything at one place.

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Good thread with Sprinter Van info and pics.

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I started another thread in the trailer build section with a few pics of my Sprinter.

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