Spreadsheet Samples

Hey Guys,

As a newbie, I’d be interested in finding out if there’s any sample spreadsheets or breakeven analyses to help pinpoint what I should optimally be charging to maintain a good profitable business.

Can any experienced member help with this? Or point me to a similar thread that I may have not seen?

Looking forward to discussion,


Really it comes down to your expenses. Add the following things:
-Howmuch you want to make per month
-How much your overhead is (insurance, vehicles, etc. The stuff that keeps the company operating)
-20% of the total of that because you may only be working 80% of the time
-monthly material costs, but this depends on the jobs you do, so you’ll have to do a job, and write down everything you spend, and how long it took you to do it
-if you have an employee, how much you’ll pay him per month.

Then add that up and multiply that mostly cost by 12, then divide that number by 52 (the weeks of the year.
You’ll have to figure out how many jobs you need to do to make that money.
So you’ll have a weekly amount of how much you NEED to make.