Sprayer pump ..... Electric connector


What do i need to connect this to the wall outlet?


A battery and a trickle charger plugged into the wall outlet

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Lol… damn!! That was simple.

I am not kidding, i like that solution


But what if i dont want to use a battery?


Then buy a 110v pump


find an ac/dc inverter that puts out 12v

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Looking for one …
Around 2gpm give or take


why wouldn’t you want it on a battery?

here’s a power supply that should work, btw…

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I will figure how to adapt it.

Reason i dont want batery… too heavy no place to mount it on this


have you seen the “chem caddy”? if that’s got a battery, I struggle to see what situation would prevent having one. btw, your link was to the pump. not sure if you meant to link something else


sometimes negative keywords are just what the doctor ordered:

take your pick :wink:

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I went with this

used this past weekend, with SH amazing, easier than a pump sprayer. Also comes with an extension pole

But NT came out with this