Spotty vinyl siding

We seem to be getting all the oddities this year…but this one feels like we obviously did something…

House is darker gray vinyl siding (Variform by Plygem), new construction (within a year).
We’ve been back and resprayed/re-rinsed these areas already…it looks like there may be a couple different things going on here, but any insight would be helpful. I’m hinking worst case is another trip, maybe some brushing, and a good rinse (possibly with the DI filter?).

Any other ideas? Too much surfactant? Did we let the SH dry on the surface? I’m just throwing stuff at the wall at this point…



I haven’t seen that on year old siding. Some of it looks like it needs to be washed again. Is it dirty well water?

It looks like several issues all on one house. I’ve never seen that many different issues on one house. Is your buffer tank possibly contaminated?

Did you get any before pictures of this debacle? That first photo looks like the siding doesn’t match. You can see where each slat ends by the color variations.

Good question…I hadn’t seen them because they weren’t loaded into the job properly, but I was able to track them down on the device…it looks like there’s a little variation in the shady areas at the start (8:30am), but nothing like what it looks like afterwards. No good close-up pics like we have of the after mess…

That was probably my best guess…although I’d have no idea how it would be.

That vertical line 1/3 of the way from the small window to the big one looks like a leaker emptied out for a spell, possibly with some soap involved. Some of the spots in #4 look like some soap could have misted over from the opposite side of the house after it was rinsed if they were working in sections. A little wind will make that happen.

Make sure guys aren’t standing too close when washing and always come back around with light mist coat after it’s dried/dripped for a little while. If you think they’ll buy it, see if customer will let you wait till you get a couple of good rains on it.


Two questions for you? I apologize not trying to hijack your thread. # 1 once you figure out what it is and how you plan on fixing it can you please let us know? It’s a good learning tool for the new guys like me. #2 again I’m new so when something like this happens and it’s bound too at some point how do you handle this in regards to the customer ? What do you say to them? what steps do you take to etc.

“We’ll figure it out and fix it”…“we’ll consult with our network of industry professionals”

Whatever it takes to figure it out and fix it (think it through, poll my guys for insight, poll other pros for insight, post it here…)


So what happened? did you ever figure out what this was?

Ibhonestly perplexed as to how much u guys overthink or try do fix things that u did not cause.
We wash homes not detail them.
If you do, then get pay accordingly

Hpoefully sending the crew back by this week…it’s a pretty far out job, and we told the guy we’d come try a few things the next time we were local. Pretty sure it was his well water, so we’ll try to hit it again with all onboard water supply, maybe run it through the DI tank.

I don’t disagree with you @Ikii , charge according to your level of service provided, but you had better make sure you provide the level of service if you charge for it :slight_smile:

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I tell all my clients, if u dont like it you dont pay me

Looks like well water to me I had a house a year ago do the same thing it ended up being well water was dirty.