Spot Free Rinse

Hi everyone. I run a small pressure washing business. Just learning the ropes. My basic setup is a 275 gallon water tank, a Honda GX200 engine, and some sort of pressure washing attachment (not sure the brand, model, etc. I should probably learn that). My question: is there some sort of additive I can add to my regular hose water to make it spot free water? Thanks!

What are you washing that needs a spot free rinse? If houses, pre-wet
windows and use a good soap surfactant like Bob’s Elemonator. If some
one is looking for completely spot free window or surface, you invest in
a RO/DI unit. The TDS in water in your area dictates what you need for
a spot free rinse.


If you want to rinse off small,objects like windows or a car. Then look at the window cleaners set up. DI/RO systems. Using pure water to rinse a house would be cost prohibitive

No doubt cost prohibitive. I just bought a DI for window cleaning, and $100 of resin will treat 350 - 400 gallons of deionixed water.