Spinach Smoothie

Sounded gross at first until I tried it. It is THE BOMB! Makes a good breakfast to get the day rolling!
Fill half a glass of spinach
1 banana
1/2 sweet apple - honey crisp, Fuji whatevvs
2, 4 or 20 scoops of peanut butter…def not a whole lot
Fill glass 3/4 of the way w almond milk vanilla flavor. Regular almond milk don’t cut it for me as it’s quite bland. Throw in a blender and enjoy. You can throw in some protein powder, spirulina, or swap the spinach for kale.


Sounds delish, I roll with pineapple, kale, mango, broccoli sprouts, coconut water and 20g ( two scoops ) of plant protein.
I use mostly frozen fruits, And fresh sprouts

I usually drink a smoothie every morning. Just a banana, some frozen fruit, and milk. Super simple and tastes great.

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I can’t handle spinich or kale. Wish I could. Growing up on Tang, poptarts, and assorted processed foods ruins you for life. :flushed:


4lb hamburger with a Lb of fries. The diet of champions my friend .


put that in your blender fellas. Lol


It may be crazy but I can definitely taste the difference between fructose and high fructose. I’m down with a 4lb burger for sure.

Did you finish it!?

Sadly , I did :pensive:@MAX1


Don’t tell me u washed it down w a Diet Coke??!! Lol! That’s what I’d do tbh.


About 3/4 gallon of sweet tea with lemon wedges .wasn’t one of my prouder moments in life. Could barley walk out the door. But I held it all in. Glad I didn’t get the double, it was 6 pounds

There’s no shame in finishing a 4lb burg! You should have won a t-shirt :grin:

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Im with you. My wife makes me bacon , eggs , toast and ethier grits or hash browns every morning. Im lucky to have her. 3 to 4 course meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Smoothie wont get me going thats just a appetizer.

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Youzz a lucky fella @Grizz

Came home to sirloin steak with mushrooms and homeade french fries today. Yes i know. Thats why i do my best for her and family. Also im eating pizza rolls right now. I just cant get full…ever.

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Trade you a 1/2 melted nutty butty and a smushed lil Debbie oatmeal cake I found in the back seat 20 minutes ago,for 5 lil pizza rolls.@Grizz

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I have had these…but it is not really a “Spinach Smoothie”…will all of the other things that are in it.

But, spinach is great to add to any smoothie…has no taste!:rofl: