Spider webs!

Water and surfactant/soap don’t seem to work very well on soffit spider webs and nests, is there a chem that loosens them up a bit first?

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Use your house wash mix, the sh melts them.

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SH will knock them out.

Don’t use high pressure and focus on creating a solid low pressure stream.

I deal with tons of those types of houses and run a 24 ft under to get them when they are really bad. I brushed these before and got most of it off, but yeah, use a solid stream and high gpm. 8gpm will have them falling straight down. I also rinse topish to bottom on a diagonal to get them to all go to one side and then rinse the rest down.


Ya sh melts them let it sit on them and soak nthem with it good.

I was doing a house on the lake last week that was completely covered in spider webs and big spiders… The owner hasn’t lived there in a few years and was getting ready to sell. I found it was easier to remove the webs while soaping. The rest will rinse off easily after the soap dwells. I also washed an entire grocery store that had a ton of spider webs and dead fish flies on it by myself with my 4gpm machine… Let’s just say it took a while…

You guys are awesome, thanks.

Have you ever been to letterkenny?


Lol it’s not a real town according to Google it’s loosely based on a town one of them is from. Listowel ON which is a few hours from me. My grandparents live near there but I’ve never been

Im on episode 4. Its good to know thier is rednecks in Canada too :joy::joy::joy:. I live in a town pretty much like it lol.

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You’ve never been to visit your grandparents? That’s so sad. I’ll finance your trip. You deserve to go see them.

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I have a good friend who really likes that show but I’ve yet to watch it. Seems funny I’ll give it a watch soon. But yeah rednecks aren’t just in America :joy: This guy is also from around that part of Ontario…

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:joy: It’s been a few months but I do go up there lol. Listowel is just a bit past there so I haven’t driven through that area before

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You’re just now watching Letterkenny??? Honestly, I’m a little disappointed in you but I realize you have a family to tend to so I’ll give you a pass on this one.

Oh gotcha. Offer rescinded! I wish I still had all of my grandparents around. Just one Nana left

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I have seen that guy hahaha

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Its no office but still has some funny parts

Give it some time. Just like The Office, it takes a while to really get you invested. I didn’t like the first half season of The Office at all

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I hear ya. They’re the only ones I have now and they’re in good shape. They’re from England and moved here when my Mom was around 2 years old. They still have full on English accents. Great people. They live in Florida 6 months out of the year and I’ve still never been. I think I’ll be driving down there this winter…I’ve always wanted to drive through multiple states and take my time.