Spider spray

Does anybody offer a spider spray after a house wash to keep spiders from coming back? If so what do use? Wouldnt mind adding it to the arsenal as i have had a few clients ask about it.

I’ve never done it after a house wash but routinely use it around window frames on commercial jobs after cleaning windows. You need to be licensed to apply pesticide commercially. That being said you can go buy the same products a commercial pesticide company uses for your private use without a license. Most pesticides claim to give a 90 day residual but I’ve found that depends on how much the elements are getting to them ( under an eave lasts longer then around an exposed window frame).

Most pesticides we use dry white so not necessarily something that you would want to spray on a dark colored house after a wash.

We only spray where insects are present prior to cleaning windows (IPM) so we may only spray around windows in stairwells where lights are always on that way we are not introducing more pesticides into the environment then necessary.

Check out https://www.domyown.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwuYTYBRDsARIsAJnrUXC_JguiPppNCXGZdI9zW3Q3szwIAorrEDS0ZgMVtDKo6Yel2yqBOfEaAknPEALw_wcB

Supposedly sh is a pesticide.

I spray Terro spider spray (on the duster) if all we’re doing is cobweb dusting (porter service)

Own home and some of my family’s after cleaning when house dries Plex Master sealer and Tarus SC mixed together downstreamed only rinse glass well before it dries don’t rinse the rest never done it for public

Taurus sc’s active ingredient is Fipronil, exterior use only. I asked a pest guy what he recommends and he recommended active ingredient Bifenthrin

I am a pest guy. Fipronil does not work well for spiders. Bifenthrin is most commonly used as a workhorse of many companies. Broad spectrum and affordable. If you use a restricted use pesticide without a license, you can incur HUGE fines if you are selling the service. There are non pesticide alternatives on the market that will help for a bit. Web out is one. Made of essential oils. Just be careful. Making a few extra bucks isn’t worth the fines if you are caught. On the other hand, check with your local Dept of Agriculture for licensing requirements. If you are getting enough interest, it may be worth your investment to get licensed.

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