Spend money, be happy

This article talks about a study made to determine happiness.
They found people were happier after ordering take out or hiring a maid rather than buying stuff.

Essentially it’s about saving time, and that’s where having employees and the right equipment can make a difference in our own (and our spouses) happiness.


I’m head over heels for stuff like this. Love it.

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I must support this. Prior to starting my own business, I lived in poverty. And while I’m surely not rich now, being able to do things like this definitely brings a tear to my eye :rofl:

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I was behind a old woman at walmart yesterday. She rang up about $300 in groceries and her credit card was declined. I have a good heart and momma raised me right. I helped her put every single item back.


That is great!

Lol, too funny

That was humor. My wife would have bought the groceries though.


I literally just saw someone past that exact Walmart joke on Facebook a few minutes ago hahaha as I was reading I was like “this guys gona say he helped her put the stuff back”

Lol, not everyone can afford a maid or hire somebody to do their job. I can’t really relate to this article like most of the people. This is made for them rich guys. But I hope that one day I will relate more to this.

Sometimes outsourcing duties will actually make you money, if you can leverage the time you would have otherwise spent to make money.


My Wife just started using the Publix grocery delivery service Instacart…believe it or not it saves us money…it costs us less than $10 to get the grocery delivered to our house and we dont end up with a bunch of crap that we dont need…and the kids don’t whine for a bunch of junk that they don’t need…and we get to spend more fun time with each other and the kids!!
Our last week’s grocery bill for a family of four was $98…


Let’s turn this around.

Happiness is hiring a power washer and window cleaner.


The best money I spend is paying someone else to do my laundry…

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We do the instacart thing too, Great time and money saver

@squidskc my wife would appreciate that service, how do you get it done?

Most laundromats have drop off service. Mine has a little old Asian lady and it’s $.80/Lb to get laundry cleaned and folded.

It’s awesome.

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Id pay $1.00 a lb if she came and put them away… that is the worst part.


Keep it clean man lol

My wife’s been working at her dad’s pharmacy on my slow weeks. I literally spent almost 2 hours folding bath towels, wash cloths, and clothes for my 2 and 5 year old kids. I can definitely justify paying someone else to do it.

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The motto of my other business us
“Relax and enjoy your free time”
While we do the cleaning for you

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