Spare 6.5hp honda engine what should I do with it

I have a 6.5hp honda engine. I don’t want to sell it considering it still works good. Is there anything I can easily do to get some use out of it?

Go cart, wood splitter, automatic hammock swinger,


I was going for go cart…

Is it a GX or GCV? Bottom or side shaft?

Three for go cart. Preferably no roll cage. Less drag and makes you really learn how to maneuver without injury.

Horizontal shaft.

Could be a good option for a go cart. Looking for frames right now.

Not enough hp for a go kart :joy:

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They move pretty decent if you’re not 400lbs. There’s a guy on YouTube that started out with a little 6.5 go kart and now he’s building full on off road buggies. His channel is rather B welding. Pretty smart kid and a hard worker to boot.

Go karts where I’m from start with a bored out and cammed gx390 with a port and polished top end, the 6.5hp my daughter can have for her scooter.


Lol more dune buggy than go cart hugh?

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The word go kart to me has always been a bit blurry :joy: