South Georgia Red Clay Stains


I’ve got a job coming up at a detention center with red clay stains around the bottom of the brick. I’ve spent the last few hours reading numerous different forums trying to decide the best way to tackle this and still would like some advice. Can anyone give their first hand experiences with Muratic Acid on clay stains? Or has anyone found something that actually works better? I’m from South Georgia but surprisingly have never ran into this problem.


Muratic Acid will remove red clay stains from brick. I’ve used it before to do so. I mixed and applied it with a pump sprayer, had to do multiple applications. You didn’t post a picture but I’ll suggest starting with a light mix then strengthen if needed. Muratic Acid is very strong, wear gloves and eye protection, It will burn your skin on contact and your nose if you inhale it. I always keep a 5 gal pail of fresh water near to rinse my hands and arms if needed. It will also kill any vegetation that it comes in contact with.


Thanks Gbattle. Always good to hear information like that from a veteran.


I tried it on a concrete patio where a rusty firepit sat, he’s not kidding…that stuff is VERY toxic. I really should have used a respirator, my face and nose were burning just from the fumes.