Sounds like cavitation

I have a Pressure Pro 4000 PSI 4 gm PW with a General Pump. After about 10 seconds of use I notice the hose has a vibrating/buzzing feel and sound. After some research, the symptoms point to cavitation. This is frustrating because the PW is not that old. What could be causing this and what’s the fix? This was not happening prior to storage this past winter and I protected the pump with pump saver.

Thanks for any help.

You have an air leak somewhere. If you are running off a buffer tank, check all your fittings between the tank on the pump. If you are running off a hose, check the flow from the spigot. I have also had to remove the inline filter that comes attached to the pump because they cause too much turbulence.


Post a few pictures of your plumbing.

Not enough water supply

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Thanks for the responses. I am not home, but I did change water hoses, so that’s something I will check when I get home.

Also, is it ok to permanently remove the filter?

Yes, the filters that come with you’re machime dont work that good anyways. Get yourself a banjo “T” filter.

just a photo of cavitation on this cat pump. I change these orings out every other week for the car wash.

Hello everyone. I’m late replying, but better late than never. I finally got around to using the machine back in October and the water hose was the problem. I used the Zero G hose (5/8") and obviously it doesn’t have enough flow, even though it’s 5/8" - must be how the innards are made. I even noticed a lack of pressure/volume (when compare to the old hoses) when using the Ortho hose end sprayer when using these hoses. I went back to the old Never Kink hose and problem solved. Glad it was a simple fix.

Are there any water hoses out there that the pressure washer community use that is considered better to use with pressure washers?

Clean1, which banjo filter do you suggest for my machine and where to get it?

Thanks everyone again for chiming in.

Most people here like Flexilla hose. If you do a search on Flexilla supply hose you’ll see many good threads on it. You can get either 5/8 or 3/4.

I have the zero G hose for my hose at home to wash cars and water plants and such. I think it’s a great hose as it’s easy to roll up and who cares about pressure at your house. Thanks for the info that it doesn’t make a good supply hose.

As mentioned get a good filter for your supply line. Banjo is one of the best but there’s others that work well too.

Thanks for the suggestion.