SOS...truck down

I have a 14 ft trailer with a 275ibc 8gpm cw unit (gist of it). I was pulling it with a 2010 f250. Blew an oil line earlier today. There is no way to fix this without pulling the engine which is a few $1000. I don’t have that kind of money but I do have a 2000 dodge ram 1500. How well or how long will it handle this trailer? Or is there any suggestions on a bed setup? I do anywhere from 2 to 6 residential properties a day (weather dependent) and will really feel it tomorrow if I’m not out washing. I’m sure there are threads on this and I promise I’m looking for them but time is far from a luxury for me right now with the Tennessee winter approaching. Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you.

It’ll get you to the weekend to get your other truck fixed. I pull a 12’ with an 06 tundra regularly.

Pull it. The Ram should pull it. I 've been pulling mine with an 05 chevy for years. Is the Ram a v8? Other option is to go to Enterprise and rent a truck if there’s one near you. Their reasonable, around $100/day on a f250 or about 50/day on a f150.

Can’t believe that much to fix an oil line?


Getting the other truck fixed is the problem. I just wont have the money until next season.

Buy a $200 engine lift, a $25 shop manual, and a free YouTube account and buckle in for a long weekend.


There’s got to be a million ford truck mechanics out there.

Racer… the oil line is running directly under the engine with mounting brackets. I’m planning on trying to rig it with a $40 part tomorrow but of that doesn’t hold I’m up a creek with no paddle. It has the magnum v8 but it’s a 2000 with more than a few miles.

I pull mine with a Tundra.

Don’t have more than 50 gal in the water tank. I keep my chems in the bed of the truck not trailer - seems to drive better (i know same weight but something about not pulling it with it in the bed makes a difference).

Don’t gas it trying to get to 60mph as fast as possible - take your time, drive like a grandpa and youll be fine.

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Squidskc…I wish. Take a look at the 2010 f250 diesel trucks. I’d need more like a month or 2.

Racer… All charging the same outrageous fee

If it’s the 6.4 Diesel there usually destroyed . Used engines can be found for around 4K-5k.

Since you’re stuck with a half ton the biggest problem is the brakes.
$250 for a brake upgrade
$400 for air bags or $50 for helper springs
$300 for an anti sway bar.
With proper upgrades and not hot roding it . You shouldn’t have any issues

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Diesel… I’m tapping out. I wish you the best!


Rant a U-haul moving truck then. Get the smallest one they got. Should have a ball on it.


towing capacity on that Ram is 7950 lbs

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Also, on the 150’s size truck, get a tranny radiator if it is not already on the truck. Only about $35-40.

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6.4 liter Diesel? I have a 2006 lariat f250 crew cab with the 6.0… thank God for xtended warranty… Blew high pressure oil cooler in April and in August replaced the turbo… I rarely even drive this truck 165,000 miles just broke in… I have an 08 f150 and a 00 chevy c3500 dump I use for work… Next truck will be another Chevy… Or a Dodge with the Cummins diesel

I wouldn’t worry one bit about pulling it with the Ram. That should definitely get you by. Like @squidskc said try and fix it yourself? Maybe do some bartering with a mechanic. Also, Squid using the tundra as an example is kind of unfair… Tundras pull space shuttles! I drive an ‘03 Tundra.


My last Tundra that I traded in 2 months ago had 368,000 miles and I towed probably over 200K miles with it.

What did I get? Another Tundra!! They just last…Resell value compared to other trucks with same mileage is much better.


PalmettoPW I’m hoping the ram will cut it. Maybe I should invest in a Tundra like @squidskc

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Where are you located in Tn?