Something new all the time

I clean a lot of concrete, but have never run across this before. Drive only about 6-7 weeks old.


After -

After closeup - Not stains, actually leaf imprints. Kind of cool in a way. Custom drive, lol

Here’s rest of it about 10min in on a 3.5% post treatment


Looks great!
Used to hate when leaves would fall when finishing concrete. Used to keep a leaf blower on truck so you don’t work them in to the surface, otherwise they decompose and you have all those little leaf imprints forever lol

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Looks like Tannin stains

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That’s pretty cool actually.:+1:

How did you clean it?

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Ive cleaned light tannin stains with house wash mix. Bad stains just bumped up the sh

I’ve had this happen from acorns. SH makes them disappear!

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Maple tree nearby? In your neck of the woods it might even be a Japanese maple. Nope its a silver maple.

Yep, we have lots of Reds and Silver maples around here

@DJPWS and @mwpws - They’re not tanin stains, look closely at pics and read. Will pay you both $500 if you can show me how you get an imprint out with SH. Could grind them out or etch away the cream coat with acid maybe, but not SH.

So they don’t want you to fix it right? Or did they buy the house and not know about the imprints?

Those are randomly scattered built-in traction enhancing devices in shapes that are purposely aesthetically pleasing to the nature-loving eye.

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Come on Rick…cant you tell a hard core fan by now


If it’s an imprint then I agree 100% rick. Looked like tannins at first.