Someone should make this a pressure washing rig!


What do you guys think. I’m not looking, just bored. Someone should do it though?


Thats to cheap for me. I got a 2018 Mercedes transit. You newer gens need to grow. Instead of spending all tht money on junk food and games put half of your check in savings


My totally impractical dream build would’ve been a Toyota TownAce 4x4 single cab flatbed Diesel. Most likely in the form of a retired fire truck.

A more heavy duty option would’ve been a Toyota Dyna flatbed. The fire truck versions have a PTO for running pumps. Can anyone say, “all in one power solution for pressure pumps, reclaim vacuums, and whatever else you could possibly want to power on your rig”?


truck looks neat, but the cabin can hold what looks like six employees, that means you would have to fit on the bed like six machines, six plus reels and a tank to feed their shared water and SH tanks