Someone Please speak Out About AAA Pumps?

I have a chance to pickup a Simpson 4240 from a individual in need that has what he says s an AAA Industrial pump. I really want to buy new but am considering it.

I understand these Simpsons come with a Honda GX390 and the pumps are like a lotto drawing with Generals, Comets, AR’s, and the mentioned AAA’s but in my sheltered life I have never heard of the AAA’s. I cannot Google anything on them. Is AAA a rating that can include CAT, General, Comet, and AR or the like?

About me.

I am semi retired. I do seasonal part time landscaping helping out some of the locals with a ZTR Mower, a Stihl BR600 blower and Trimmer, and want to stop renting and own a 4000 psi / 4 GPM unit.

I own and use an X-Jet setup to foam the green off the homes around here. I cannot afford a CAT supplied unit and like the Generals, and maybe a Comet, and like the Simpson overall 4240 package form.

I’ll not be putting full time pro amounts of hours on the machine.

Talk To Me Guys, Thanks


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Carry on.

Uh? Did you read my post? I’m asking about AAA pumps, if there is such a thing.

Well, I finally dug up some info on AAA at

powerwasherpro . com / home / 179-introducing-the-new-ga-series-of-aaa-pumps . html

And did followup on it but its not indicating a pump spec anything near 4000 psi.

And with suspect marketing ploy feature statements like “With Patent pending PowerBoost® pump system technology”, I am going to stay as far away from an AAA pump as I can.

They are made by or presented by, The FNA Group who makes the Simpson washers. So I may have answered my own question.

So I’ll stick with a Honda Honda GX390 engine and a General Pump combo.

Maybe a Comet. If I do splurge it will be into a Belt drive but again guys, I’m a part timer. All the painters and landscapers around here know me and when they get covered up I get called in.

I don’t run around here competing with them, I help them.

You guys have any respect for Comet pumps?


For what it is worth to you: the worst pumps on the market are, in order, AR CAT General. If you plan on doing this for a living get an Udor and be done with it. They average 5000 hours without a rebuild, can be ran dry and have a real warranty.

Thanks, I still find it amazing I cannot find any feedback good or bad on the AAA pumps.

Anyways, I’ll be browsing the sponsors here.

Hi Guys,

While at Home Depot I seen a fellow receiving a Simpson pressure washer. As I looked on the fellow pointed out a hole in the box and they opened it up to have a look.
I ambled up to the scene and after I heard them both confirm there was no damage I asked if I could have a peek because i was in the market. The guy was like a new father wanting to pass out cigars.

The pump was labeled with a black and gold Oval AAA stickler. The oil fill cap was red and I was not given enough time to note if it resembled any of the big 4 - CAT, General, Comet, or AR.

The UN-loader was integrated into the pump.

Already, deciding not to purchase used or an UN-known pump I already have a unit on the way. Should arrive Monday. I negotiated in addition to the thermal pressure relief, a mechanical blow-off and upgraded to the Gray hose. The gun is the top General unit.

So in seeing the Home Depot Simpson I compared the OTD prices. Because the HD unit would involve taxes I came out a little cheaper with the pictured one below. And got a better pump, hose, gun, cart frame. Hope to be passing out Cigars soon.

I only have 3 posts so cannot add links. Go to American Pressure Systems and see Deluxe Model# DD4042HG-313.


WoW, That is different than anything I have researched. I am a noob so I cannot challenge it. Thanks.

Where are you getting this information? I have never heard anything bad about General or Cat. AR I have heard mixed reviews about, but head still heard really good things about them from people that know what they’re talking about, such as Jerry from Bulldogpro/ Sirocco and Russ Johnson. Obviously the quality of the pump varies between different models, but all of these brands build good pumps.

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My information comes from doing this for 16 years. People are going to sell you what they stock. Sure they may be good pumps. I don’t use good. I use what is the best. People talk on the boards about customers not wanting to pay “professional” prices yet contractors don’t want to spend money on professional equipment. I would wager that over half on the boards are running 13 horse Hondas with 4 or 5 gpm pumps. Whatever works for others is fine with me. It is just my opinion. See if general pump will rebuild a 7 year old pump with a cracked case at no charge and ship you a brand new pump and a letter apologizing for their equipment failure. You can buy cheap or you can buy quality.


I can’t say enough about our Udors, by far the best pump made, the others do not compare, 13 years and thousands and thousands of homes cleaned.

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I realize this is derived post, I am putting this out for future reference. From what I can see and tell, and of I am incorrect please feel free to enlighten me with correct Information, but the AAA Industrial Pumps are made by Comet. One thing besides that exact statement that makes sense is this “PowerBoost technology” AAA speaks of, it’s also a Comet feature. A
I am a newbie, I signed up to this site for this post, only to maybe even help shed some light on this question. I am under the impression these are decent pumps, a triplex Comet that’s identical to my AAA is $349 at Amazon early 2015. This all co-insides with what info I have been able to gather around the Web, this isn’t some old timer talking experience, or smack for that matter. (in which your as likely to get 50% smack, the other 50% reliable history, and most cases, a little of both)
. Again, feel free to ‘set me right’ As I don’t want to wrongly give out poor information.

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I need to resurrect this thread…aopologies

Who is the best source to but user pumps from, and can I get one already set up, or do I need to bud my own unit? They seem like “ghost cats”…a bit elusive.

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I meant to say “who is the best source to buy UDOR pumps from” (type-o)

Atlas Services
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Almost any vendor can get Udors. Just type it into google. KEC Supplies sells them. They are awesome.

Thank you for the help. I looked at KEC and I saw a 7gpm and a 10gpm, but not an 8. Am I missing something?

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First make sure you are registered there, you get a decent discount if you do. Second if you don’t see what you want, email Jason through the contact form, and he will get you what you want. These vendors can get pretty much anything you want. They can’t put everything on their site.

Gkc 30 / 20gr 8 gpm @ 3000
gkc 30 / 24gr 8 gpm @ 3500

[MENTION=7766]RalphQ[/MENTION] Thank you so much! That’s what I was looking for!

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I think the GR in those descriptions mean gear reduction, so it comes with a gear box. If you don’t want one with a gearbox just take those letters off when you ask about it.