Someone please help me price this huge 3,250 sq/ft fence job

Im still amazed that 90 percent of the new people that come on here the first thing they ask is how much to charge. then you look at their profile and they generally have less than 15 minutes read time. I may be old school but if you have to ask how much to charge you probably don’t have enough experience to do the job as a contractor.


Got a pic. Different style fences can take substantially different times.

I don’t have a pic of the one I will be cleaning but the style looks exactly like this one

How dirty is it? What equipment do you have? What type of wood is it?

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The fence in that picture is 3 different types of wood is the one you are cleaning exactly like that?Oh also are you just cleaning it or preparing it to stain or paint?

The one I will be doing is only one type of wood. It’s pine wood. It is also fairly dirty. Also yes I will be preparing for stain but the homeowner will be staining. I have a 5gpm 4,000psi machine.

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Don’t underbid. You should absolutely offer to clean either one or both sides. 1080 feet shouldn’t take you more than 12 hours.

You have a 12v pump or are you going to be using a pump up to apply chem?

You can downstream also.

Downstreaming has never really worked well for me cleaning wood


Not if it’s pretty dirty as he says. Reason pics always help. His really dirty may not be what you or I consider dirty.


Here’s a novel thought since it’s a pretty big project - why don’t you tell the customer that you’d like to do a demo to make sure they’re going to be happy and just be honest with them and tell them because of the size, you want to make sure you’re pricing it fairly for both of you.

Go clean an 8’ section, do it right and time yourself. Allow that you’re probably not going to be able to keep the same pace all day long, allow for an occasional break, etc and then you’ll have your chems figured out and your time. Win-win for both of you and you’ll be able to give them a fair price for both of you and they’ll know what to expect. Shouldn’t take you more than 30min to an hour.


Downstreaming has always worked for me in the past. I’ve cleaned some pretty nasty wood. What chems are you guys using.
@Max1 @Racer

2-3% SH using the 12v. 800-1000psi rinse then post treat with oxalic or citric. I’ve had better results with oxalic but I’ve only washed a handful of decks. Here’s one from a couple weeks ago. Had to hit it twice with 2.5% and 1000psi before I post treated with citric.


That one was dirty enough that you could have added some hydroxide to your mix. Doesn’t have to be a lot.


On really dirty wood I mix about a cup of hydroxide and mix it with about two gallons of SH and downstream that. I start rinsing the least dirty section after about a 5 min dwell. Then work my way to the dirty. It just rinses the nasty right off. Rinse at about 1000

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Good to know. I’ve never used hydroxide besides degreasers so I wouldn’t have been sure where to start. Any guess on how much you would have added for this to a 15g tank of 2.5% being directly applied? Probably a better question is what would you have used on this lol

Probably would have started with a couple of cups if you’re using the granules. We have a local chemical company who sells a high hydroxide product in liquid form, so I just use it.

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i downstream wood mostly. Sometimes you just got to hit it twice but my machine is also throttled down so that might have something to do with it.

Max, Move this post over to here and give more details - like px- wood- how long it took, etc -

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