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All the SH** talking on this forum and not one person has commented yet…

He is correct. A roof cleaning technique is not amendable to wood restoration.
Rule number one. Do no harm.

Everett is the MAN when it comes to wood. You can learn a lot from him

Fo sho!

He certainly makes a good case.

However, I have a place at the lake with a huge wood deck and dock area. I have not used any of his restoration techniques over the last nearly 20yrs…it still looks great. The only thing that I have ever done to it is wash with pressure, water only, and reapply stain/sealer every third year. So, I won’t be changing what I do…and I won’t be washing wood for a customer.

And, it is necessary to remember, wood is wood…regardless of what is done to it…if it is out in the elements, it ain’t gonna last forever.

So for those looking for the cliff notes, he spent about 20 minutes to explain the importance of:

  1. Prewetting the wood before applying chems
  2. Using a brightener afterwards

He makes some great points. It was just tough to watch such a long video.


I understand he was saying to wet the wood first, to act as a filler before applying chemical. But it seemed as if he was trying to bash soft washing and that anyone who was soft washing was doing it incorrectly.

That’s exactly what he is saying. He is referring to the guys using 12 volt systems or air pumps. Not pressure washing low “soft” pressure. " Soft Washing" is the latest snake oil catch phrase for reinventing the money wheel for vendors.