Some old pics

My last charcoal/smoker.

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Now you’re just showing off lol

that’s what I call a hobby :grinning:

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Man I could build you one out of 1/4 plate it will last you a lifetime

Where u located?


How far?
And what can you build?
PM me.

You are about 5 hours from me. I can build you anything your heart desires

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Nice… a barrel grill with a hitch.
And a mount for rotisserie.

I want a rotisserie tray.
Like this one… but this is too small.
Each tray 10 by 30, got to measure my grill first…when i get home…
3 trays.

Ok just let me know what size I’m assuming you want it out of stainless

Dont think stainless is necessary.
Beaides i think that will be more expensive

It’s up to you I will price it out either way I’m sure i got cut offs

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My rod is 5/8.
From the bottom of it 6"
Length of trays 24 inches.
Thinking of 3 or 4 trays

Do you cook with only charcoal?

Not anymore, until u find another good charcoal one.
Now i have a gas grill that i converted to ceramic

Those are good.
The rust will give the extra pepper kick on the meat

It doesn’t get used a lot recently

Gotta find something better than a drum I dont have the capability to roll it so if I cant find cylinder it would have to be square. I still have to finish innocent bystanders coozie but I’m keeping my eye out I would like to find a old air compressor