[SOLD] Trash Bin Cleaning Truck

I’ve got a custom 14’ Isuzu truck that sanitizes trash bins as well as does pressure washing. This is an emerging industry, we unfortunately have to sell the business for personal reasons.

The truck is a 2019 and has about 10,000 miles on it. In the back is a 525 gallon clean tank and 485 gallon grey water tank for the runoff, commercial heater, and Honda pump with about 240 hours on it. Heats to 210 degrees and the hoses are rated for 6k psi. There are two hoses on reels mounted to the truck, one is 25’ long and one is 100’ long. An 8 GPM pump runs both the cleaning heads in the hopper for the bins. Also have a 30” Big Boy circular pressure washing attachment.

Asking price $95,000 (pretty much just what we owe on the loan). You can secure your own new loan or just assume the payments on ours.

Let me know if there are any questions!


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Seems like a job that could be fun for about 3 weeks or so. Follow the trash trucks around the suburbs all day. Just hand me a clothespin and some rubber gloves. Monotony must set in quick, though…

Best wishes on your sale. Seems like it could be a good deal for the right buyer.

I see these pop up for sale somewhat often. They’re always brand new with next to no hours on them. There’s one in our area that I’ve seen running around. I always check my customer’s bins when I’m there and if they’re empty or only partially full and everything is bagged I’ll pull it out and clean the bin up.

Those things are pretty cool though. I’ve seen them in action.

Is this still for sale? Or have you sold it?

It is still for sale, but since I’ve made more payments on it the price has lowered to $89k. Let me know if you have any more questions.

I’ve got a question. How much revenue does this truck actually bring in? Considering the price of the truck, plus all the other associated costs, how many trash cans do you need to clean a month just to break even?

It depends on what you charge obviously, but it’s in the range of 200-250 customers to break even. I had 150, but my driver quit right before I had to leave for three months for my full time job so I was unable to provide the service. Was never able to recover. Many of the operators doing this around the country have anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000+ customers and multiple trucks. We just weren’t able to get there.

Do you still have the truck?

How do we connect to discuss a purchase?

Is this truck still available?

Hi. Please call me at (530) 870-2158 anytime. Thanks

Is this bin cleaning truck still available?

@Atumber and @Kennyfern,
Why don’t you all email the guy? He listed his address.


I am attempting to delete this post, but we did sell the truck. Thanks!

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Don’t delete it. This is good info for others in the future.

Hi is your trash can cleaning truck still available