Solar vent fan?

My trailer has a couple side vents that really only work when moving. You guys with enclosed setups, is there a small solar fan you can recommend I can add to one of these vents?

I see no one responded to your question.

I would be skeptical of a 12v solar fan. I would just buy a 12v fan, then add a solar panel to charge the battery if you need to. Just make sure to put a disconnect between the battery and the solar panel. Once that panel is outside it is continuously pumping out the juice. You can get 100 watt panels pretty cheap, and you might want to get a 200 or 400 depending on your needs. Maybe throw a switch in the mix to keep the fan off when not in use. Dont forget, if you buy a panel you need a controller/Power management unit as well, you can’t really just put a panel on the roof and tie it into the battery. There was some discussion about the ruggedness of charge controllers vs power management units and their reliability on the road on the solar forum.

I bought a 12v LIFEPO battery this year, the battery market was tanking and may become a buyers market.

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