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Hello to all. i have a question. im new to softwashing, i have only done it a few times. but eachtime ive done it has been with a white vinyl sitting aand white stucco. can you do a softwash with a red painted house and if so do i reduce the mix. using the SH / H2O and Simple Cherry. I have a house this week that is red and i want to make sure that its okay.

Do a test area. You need to be careful with painted surfaces.

what do you need to be carefull of other than paint chipping?

If you are SoftWashing you don’t have to worry about chipping the paint. What you do have to make sure of is that the mix won’t affect the paint pigment.

Always do a test spot first on painted surfaces.

I made a business decision 2 years ago to not wash painted houses. It is hard to meet people’s expectations on the outcome. You are washing the house they expect it to look freshly painted when your done. There is also the issue of the solution fading the paint. More than one house washer has ended up repainting a house.

im affraid of changing the color pigment. and turn the red into pink. so do you recommend some other mix for this type of problem

If it were me I would do a test spot on Any colored house. I would use a milder mix of SH unless its covered in green or mold. If it is covered in mold, algae, or any other organic material growing I would explain that you need to use a higher concentrate that may fade the color and have them sign a waiver. Red and blue houses tend to fade faster than other colors. If it is bad they may need new paint anyways. Don’t use tap in your mix unless they want to paint it.
Hope this helps.

Yes do a test spot if you can. I would use a very low dosage of sodium hypochlorite in my mix with a good surfacant. Wet the house good and the. Apply the soap bottom up. Let it dwell for a short while then power rinse it off… Or better term is the soft wash.
If your cleaning the exterior of the gutters be very careful you don’t get the gutter soap unto a painted house. If you do make sure you rinse ASAP.

Like John said, make sure you pre-wet the house.

Thanks tomorrow is the big day. ive got this. Thanks Again

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Hey James-- good luck…