Softwashing hose diameter

Hey guys,

Here again asking for some giudance from people 10x better than me. I just made myself a softwashing setup a la “softwash bronco” from Anyways, got myself a 5.5 ever flow pump, battery, terminal etc. I used it yesterday and it worked enough to get the job done considering i finageled a pressure washing gun for softwashing purposes. So my questions are:

  1. i got myself a Husky air line hose. It is 3/8 ID with 1/4 ends. Is this appropriate (atleast for now until i work out all the kinks, pun intended). Reason i bought it is really easy to put stainless steel 1/4" QC ends which i had on hand already.

  2. did i make a mistake getting a 5.5 instead of a 7?

  3. is there any way to control how much recipe is used? Cus damn does that machine eat my recipe. Im used to downtreaming and its alot more forgiving when trigger pressed, this pump, you linger way too long on that trigger and i almost had half the 40 gallon recipe on small portion on the roof.

Thanks for any help.

3/8” is too small for a 5.5. You’ll get pump cycling.

1/2” or larger for a 5.5, and 5/8” or larger for a 7 gpm pump. And remember that you won’t get close to the rated gpm out of a diaphragm pump no matter what hose you use. They’re rated for “open flow”.


Go with 1/2". Can throttle it down with the nozzles and/or a ball valve. (Banjo makes a decent one for like $15). Want like a 0020 or 0030 series in your jrod.

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