Softwashing brick chimneys?

can you bleach/ softwash the black soot at the top of chimney brick or does it take more? simply pressure or more?

I recently did one and used my little 12v to hit it with 3%. The black mildew and lichens basically turned white, and as it matched the lighter brick she was thrilled.:laughing:

It’ll fall off eventually. Some of those chimneys require a degreaser but I’m not up on methods just yet.

A warning however, keep it off glass. I thought the window next to it was pre-wetted enough but it still spotted badly. Thankfully I’m also a window cleaner.:+1:

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you mean spots from the bleach or just water spots?

Both. Dried bleach/surfactant is a bear to get off.

@dcbrock What’s your method to remove it? We had a job a month ago cleaning a sunbrella awning and we must of rinsed the windows 50 times during the process. Client emailed and said they cleaned the windows 3 times with a “professional window cleaning kit” which I’m sure it was but probably not for deep cleaning. I was thinking razor blades or just putting more sh on it to dissolve it. Is that a bad idea?” It was a 4% mix that got on them…

A dedicated Triumph window cleaning razor might get some off but I ended up using my Bio Clean screen deposit remover.

Hit the sh spotted windows with house wash mix and rinse away.