Softwash with Eze Breeze Windows

So, we have a client (well, several in reality) that have Eze Breeze windows on screened in porches. No need for the “how to” discussion (I’ve been down that road, and read the window forum)…what I was surprised to not find anywhere on here, was how to you wash the house? Is it just a matter of keeping them super-wet and not loading them up with SH, or is a drop of SH on then game over? We washed a house with them last fall, and had to go back and hand clean them all. Not trying to do that again (unless they insist on paying for the hand cleaning service). Is it reasonably simple, or this a “walk away” deal breaker for most guys?

I would walk or tell them you’ll do your best and not be held responsible. Also have a waiver. Ive cleaned those and hated them.

Tell them you’ll only softwash the rest of the house. I’ve run into a couple of these here in Louisville. If they insist on the sunroom just tell them you will rinse with plain water thoroughly but spotting will occur.

That was kind of my thinking, and they’ll need to get the windows cleaned after (or pay us a pretty penny to do them…)

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Maybe I’m reading that wrong, but from what I gather elsewhere, SH near them at all can be a risk to do permanent damage…

I’d have to go back and see what windows they were on a house I washed, but customer said anything but water voids the warranty.

So I told them I wouldn’t get too close to them but that obviously the gutters above (which were bad) wouldn’t get cleaned. They were fine with it.

They had siding above that was dirty and simply got water. And siding underneath I used a pump up for.

It took more time so I’d charge more next time.

I’d be quite nervous sending anyone but myself to do that job.

So if I were you I’d send my best tech and let him know you’re not trying to see how close he can get but rather how far away he can stay.

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LOL he’s standing across the street with a shooter tip just overspraying the entire neighborhood. I love it :joy: