Softwash systems skid rebuild

Definitely was a challenge working with a platform you didn’t design. But it will wash.


All that on 1/2 ton truck? Man I would think that is asking for a short life on the truck.

We dont carry water. She will be fine.

How heavy to you think it is

Well Let’s see 50 gals of sh 450 lbs two gas units approx 150 lbs each, tanks that you can see 160 lbs Hose about 200 lbs reels at 50 lbs each X4 Ladder rack 150- 200lbs
Well if my math is correct 1460 to 1510 lbs with out any other item need for the jobs. So you are at 3/4 of ton on 1/2 ton truck.

A set of airbags and e rated tires will help. Just drive it responsibly and you’ll probably be fine . Those trucks use to be offered in a HD model similar to a f250. They had stiffer springs / tires and I believe bigger brakes

Its got sumo springs,and monroe load leveling shocks. It rides pretty good actually

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Give us a picture of the whole side of the truck setting on level ground. I have had 125 gal tank full water and nothing else in the back of my f150 and pulling a light trailer.It handle it but then I was never over 45 mph.

Best pic i got at the moment

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Nice rig man . I’ve been trying like crazy to figure out how to fit what I need in a pickup since my fuel bill is $150-$200 a day Unfortunately it’s just not going to happen

I’ve seen your rig. You’d need like 3 pickups to get all your stuff on there, lol.

Yah that’s the problem. I could get away with a f350 dually for a 1 man rig but then I could rarely use it because it’s only a one man rig . Really wasn’t a big deal when diesel was $2.25 a gallon but those days are over .

I like one man crews. Less jaw jacking more working

I completely agree. Unfortunately rates here are so low it usually takes two people to get enough work done to turn a profit. Not all the time but often enough

My service manager was showing the guys about putting in their earplugs this morning, and I was jumping in saying “don’t use them unless you’re near the machine for safety”…then I realized, “put them in and get the work done” was a better option :rofl:

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