Softwash hose for gas powered system

New gas powered softwash system is 300psi max. I’ve read @Racer uses the Kuritec but that’s only up to 250 psi. What’s the best to use? Also, 5/8 gets 2 gpm more out the end than 1/2” but regardless of weight would 3/4” get 2 more gpm out the end? Want the best flow possible…

I like flex tec way better that kuritec and its 300psi rated.

You’ll never be at 300 psi. I rarely run mine over 200. 3’4 would get you more flow, but it’s heavy once you get a couple hundred feet out. I hate using the 5/8. Kuri tec makes literally hundreds of different hoses. Mine is rated at 300psi

I know you said it’s about 5gpm with the 1/2” and 7gpm with the 5/8”. Using that formula it would seem maybe 9gpm with the 3/4”? I am doing large warehouses and big stucco buildings. Looking for the best flow possible. But I also don’t want to sacrifice height or distance. It sounds like 5/8” is the sweet spot. Also, my plan is to get a new roll, 300’ long, but only keep 200’ on the reel and have the additional 100’ available to attach via cam lock to extend when needed. Do you foresee any issues with that?

No, that should work

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I’m thinking about getting a gas unit as well and replacing my 1/2 in kuritec with some 5/8. My 7 gpm pump only gets 3 gal of flow through 250 ft of hose but i still get good distance. But I want more flow because pre and post treating is taking forever and I’d like it for roofs and cleaning brick/stucco faster. The Zeta system on power wash store looks solid but the pump isn’t supported and heard it gets a good bit of repairs after a little bit of time.

You don’t like the 5/8 because of weight correct?

I got my AR45 gas pump from Midwest Washing Equipment and now I don’t know how i ever worked without it. I use it probably more than the pressure washer. I kept going through 12 volts and said screw it and spent the money and never looked back.

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Get the AR system. I still use my 12v 90% of the time though… By the time you by the system, all the manifold system with on/off and 3 ways, hoses, different nozzles, etc you’re going to have about $3500 plus in it. You can use the 1/2" with it, but you’ll lose a lot of flow. y, I don’t like the 5/8, heavier and kinks more.

Unless real high and I need the distance, I still use the 5.5 12v because you don’t need a lot of flow for roofs and you’ll use a good bit more mix. But for washing buildings where you need a stronger mix can’t beat it. For driveway post treating just a lot easier for me to use the 12v with the 1/2" hose.

A lot depends on your mix of business.

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I have 200 ft of 1/2 kuritech if anyone is interested.I bought the Comet P40,the Midwest XL mixer valve setup,Used it one time and the pump manifold started pour water.Took it all off and replaced the O-rings and sold the pump.For now on if you can’t downstream and get it cleaned I’m passing on it.I’m sick of 12 volt pumps going out,booster pumps with pressure switch problems and air compressor on air system braking.I’m a downstreamer only for now on lol.

@cleaner lol. I have such a love hate relationship with a booster. Those diffusers crack all the time no matter how well you baby it and never let it heat up. But when it’s working great it’s incredible.

Yeah man it’s amazing. Used mine for first time with Midwest’s hydromixer xl. Awesome. The remote system to control water and soap on off is still two weeks out due to supply chain issues. But when that comes everything will be 100% and I’m super stoked. We just cleaned a 400 square-foot awning that was filthy and it took literally a third of the time it would’ve taken with a 12 V because not only could I apply a 4% mix super fast I was actually able to turn it up to 275 psi and do a rinse almost like the pressure washer with a 20 tip.


Notes for new owners.
I got irritated yesterday with Envirospec. Last week I asked the tech which replacement parts I should have on hand. I was particularly concerned about the swivel type hose barbs that come off the machine. They acted like there was too many pieces to just make a blanket order and I got pushed off like I didn’t need anything in particular. Used it for the second time yesterday and there was a small leak coming out of the discharge hose fitting that goes to the hose reel. Talk to tech-support and they said to put Teflon tape around the stainless fitting that threads into the plastic discharge bolt (3/8” threaded plastic that goes into pin style quick connect with two O rings. They did not put any Teflon tape or glue to keep the threads from leaking. So I took it apart put Teflon tape on and as I was tightening it back together it broke the cheap plastic piece. So yesterday I got to leak 2% sh out the back of the truck every time I was on soap. Do yourself a favor and order 4-5 of each of those so you can fix it right away. Also keep the O rings for the AR pump on hand as I heard those fail at some point and waiting two days to get more sucks.

With that being said, I still love the crap out of this thing, probably the biggest game changer out of everything I’ve ever bought.