Soft water for mixing Sodium percarbonate?

Hello everybody, I have a bit of a chemistry question here. So I’m going to use sodium percarbonate for washing cedar shake siding. I have a water softener installed at home so my question is should I use softened water or bypass the water softener? Is there any benefit to using soft vs unsoftened water for mixing the percab? Thanks

You definitely need warm/hot water to dissolve percarbonate……not sure about the soft water, never heard that.

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Yeah planning to use hot water for sure. I know enough chemistry to know I don’t know enough haha. I know when filling a hot tub your not supposed to use soft water for some reason. So now I’m curious if that would apply to the sodium percarbonate or other washing chemicals for that matter

I’ve washed wood fences and decks with no issues using regular water…….with percarbonate