Soft Washing Parking Garage Exterior


Im sure this has been covered before but I figured what the hell.
Any comments, pointers, ect. on soft washing a concrete parking garage?
or is it pretty similar to soft washing brick?
Ive added the cost of a lift to the quote just in case, but here it is.


Be sure to bring plenty of traffic cones and yellow tape to block off the spaces your working on.


Don’t we have a parking garage guy on here for this kind of question?


I’d do a test spot to see if soft washing will be acceptable results.

Usually on vertical concrete pressure is needed


Are you using roof pump or xjet? Looks like u might need more than 2% maybe 3 or 4 . Start low and increase strength as needed




That’s sort of what I was figuring, but hoping not to hear.


the parking garage is 3 stories and thats typically what I can hit from ground level. Ive washed different types of stone and come out on top with a soft wash from the ground, but that was a pretty hot mix.

I’m wondering if applying a hot sh mix with a pump sprayer and then washing it off will do the trick…?


Your going to need pressure…rent a lift.

3% SH (x jet if you want)

Dwell 30 Mins… then hit with 40 degree tip.

You could just spray SH at 3% on it and get subpar results.


Your gonna pump up that whole thing?


Is the garage being used? Spraying SH you need to consider over spray into the garage and pissing off people parking their cars.


@Patriotspwashing is 100% right from my experience. Soft washing will not remove all the black stains. Had a job that I thought I could get away with soft washing but needed pressure. Always bid for the worst and hope for the best.


@Patriotspwashing Thanks for the input!
@BillC no, the garage will not be used during our Project period.
@ExpertPowerWash thanks! I came up with a number, then doubled it in the quote since it looked like it could be a pain. The lift is also included in the quote so theres that. Looks like we’ll really just be fighting against time now.

I’ll keep you guys updated here on how we turn out. Thanks for all the help