Soft Washing Painted Wood and Stucco?

Just starting out and I’ve only washed my house and a few family members (all vinyl siding).

But the vast majority of high end houses in my area are either painted wood or stucco.

When I washed my own house some house wash which I downstreamed some of the wash got on the porch which was painted at the time and caused some of the paint to peal. It was actually a house I was renting. That along with people I’ve seen say they stay away from paint causes me to wonder how to approach these painted houses. The mix in my bucket was 3 gallons of water to 1 gallon of bleach with some eleminator.

Like I said at least 90% of the high end houses are painted. In my mind these home owners would be the vast majority of the clients I would try to get. When I say “high end” I’m talking about 3000 sqft and up.

So I’m not really sure how to approach this.

Is there anyone else on here who does a lot of painted houses? If so do you have issues with pealing paint from the bleach?

Any input you have on this is appreciated

If its really not getting good results(Housemix), then i dint see a problem using a already mixed product from a big box store if it works better in this situation.

Not following. by “not getting good results” are you talking about causing paint to peal?

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Yes, as in peeling paint. I’m just saying perhaps a readymade product would be the answer. Its either that, or walk away empty handed, with $$ on the table, or a headache.
Then youd be the guy with the answer in to your territory. Or not. Wont know unless you can find something that cleans without breaking the bond of the paint

What ready made box store products are you referring to? House washing products from box stores are next to useless


Even water can cause paint to come up off of porches if the paint is cracked or there are any openings in it. It gets under it and causes it to bubble and expand. You also never know if the correct paint was even used.

Many ready made products have sh in them or other chems so I don’t think that’s the answer to painted houses. They’re usually diluted down garbage too. I wash most painted houses I come across and I treat each one differently. Granted, I mainly wash vinyl though. You don’t always need sh so just use soap and water. If you come across some organics use as little sh as possible.

As far as the porch you just have to look things over real good and make the homeowner aware of the risks. If they agree to move forward I would get something in writing. If you decide to wash it be sure to rinse the porch down with clean water, apply mix to house, and instantly rinse the porch with clean water. It still might not prevent paint from bubbling up though. You never know what you’re going to run into. Some people don’t know what they’re doing and put interior paint outside. Sometimes you’re better off turning the job down. Always take before pictures just in case you don’t catch any troubled areas at first glance. If anything goes south you want them for documentation.

As far as stucco it usually requires a stronger mix. You’ll need an x jet or 12v for that.


Ive used 1 from homedepot, it appeared to look like windex, but wasnt. It worked ok, and I dont think everything they sell is in stock on shelves. I cannot tell you how to do it, its gonna take trial and error. I cannot ay I have tried every product, but I would give it a shot if thats whats in my market.

Perfect response.

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Other than degreasers, I can’t think of a big box mix I would use.


I’m going to just try using that krudcutter housewash sometime. This is what it claims.

I’ll have to look at the msds, but it says bleachfree, but also to rinsedown the surroinding vegetation…

@Redjess most helpful response so far, thank you



What’s going on here guys?