Soft washing or power washing stucco

Just bid a job that includes stucco cleaning with bad mold and mildew stains from many years. Need some help with chem and or bleach ratios for soft wash and if anyone’s ever power washed this surface successfully without damaging. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Lots of good info out there on how to tackle stucco quick search and you will find most people x-jet.

Thanks for the reply. I do x-jet all my house soft washes. This is some very stubborn stains and was looking for some help on bleach ratios without having to scrub it down or power wash it up close

This is good to know. I find myself doing more stucco & dryvit lately than I care to do.

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Someone in another post told me to pull the proportioner out of my x-jet to reduce how many passes it would take. I run straight 12% though it with elemonator. I did and still didn’t come out 100% clean. Some stains are just stains though. Especially if they let it go for awhile.


I soft wash because I can control the solution better than with an x jet or down streaming. Typically I use 12% SH At a 30% ratio. However I also use about 25 % more surfactant/housewash, So that it sticks better in the cracks and seams. I takes a little more rinsing but it comes out better…

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Damn Brodie. That looks great. Nice job.

Thanks Racer. And thanks @Clean1 for telling me to pull the proportioner out of the x-jet. And thanks to the sun for giving me perfect contrasting pics! Ha!

Looks great. I’m glad that worked out for you. Keep it up.