Soft Wash vs. Pressure Wash

Do you use the same equipment?

Can I adjust a 4.8 GPM @ 3000 PSI down to perform a softwash?

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Yes, just use larger tips.


Pressure Washer Downstream Chemical Injectors -

that should do the trick

Once you have your pressure washer dialed in to the psi you want, " IE " 3000 psi, you should not mess with the unloader. You should change the PSI with different size tips like stated above.

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Do not set your unloader to a psi. It should be set for max flow. If you are using a gauge to set your unloader you are doing it wrong. Bingo on changing psi with tips

What kind of psi should I be seeing with certain tips?

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Just someone who wants to learn about soft washing to offer it to customers that may be nervous about high pressure. Close the sale with another option.

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8 gpm. 3,000 psi.

Crude video but its all about the tips.

[video=youtube_share;MVig_UrRsfQ]Hagerstown Soft-Touch House Washing - YouTube

Do you recall which tip that one was? I can play around, I have a pressure guage.


Search “nozzle chart”. Learn to read it. You don’t need a gauge.

What pressure do I need to be at to be considered Soft Wash? I will study the charts tomorrow and figure it out an post my answer to the correct nozzle.

That is a valid question. It can have many answers. Soft Wash is more about the detergent and the process doing the cleaning as opposed to the pressure doing the cleaning. I suppose it would be under 500 psi but many clean at pressures well under that.

I generally tell my customers that soft wash means that I can put my hand in front of the water stream coming from the tip with no harm to my skin.

So if I read the chart correctly. 4.8 GPM @ 3000psi. The Nozzle orifice size is: 5.5 with a hole size of .060"

I don’t understand how to determine which nozzle to use to change my pressure to 500 psi to do a softwash.


  1. Pick the pressure desire.

  2. Find your flow

  3. Find nozzle size

If you go here THESE KIT INCLUDE 4 NOZZLES & A 4 WAY HOLDER. (2) 0 DEGREE, SOAP & RINSE HIGH AND (2) 25 DEGREE, SOAP & RINSE LOW THE 2-3 GPM KIT INCLUDES: 0030(SOAP HIGH),0010(RINSE HIGH),2530(SOAP LOW),2510(RINSE LOW) THE 4 GPM KIT INCLUDES: 0040(SOAP HIGH),0010(R, you will see that Bob shows a 40 tip for soap and a 15 tip for rinse for a 5gpm unit.


13, and for example to make sure I understand this, if I wanted to do let’s say cut my pressure to 1500, would I use a 10?