Soft wash vinyl siding

OK today I used my PW for the first time to clean the mold off my vinyl siding.I used 1 gallon 12.5% SH to 4 gallons water and 3 ounces of soft wash.It took two washes to get it clean with about a 10 minute dwell time.Really bad build up.So I am thinking that two gallons of SH to three gallons of water with more More soft wash to help mask the smell.Am I on the right tract track here?

I use 50/50 water/12% downstreamed to wash with. Masking the bleach smell has it’s upsides but it stinks to remind you that it’s not good for your body.

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Tim I am using five gallon containers so that would be two and a half gallons of SH and two and a half gallons of water?

We use about 2 gals sh to 2.5 gals water. 4 ozs Freshwash. On most houses.

Correct. With a big old scoop of Simple Cherry added.

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Clark have you been able to use less SH sense starting to use the Fresh Wash?

Chris we have reduced it. By about 25%


what size is your rig, how many gpm’s?