Soft wash system troubleshoot

Hoping to get some trouble shooting advice on this softwash system I built. Just installed the GF mixer valve and am having trouble priming. Today I installed camlocks on top of tanks to force prime but not working still.
Frustration is high but need it working asap. Any ideas on procedures to find where the problem is?

GF mixer valve
1/2 inch flush valve
1/2 inch fittings
5.5 everflo pump
55 gal water tank
35 gal SH tank
5 gal of Apple wash

HELP PLEASE and Happy new year!!!

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There is an air leak somewhere on the suctions side. I would shut all the valves and open one, if it primes you know that line is good so shut it again and move to the next until you find the one that is leaking. If that doesn’t work then the leak is in between the valves and the pump, in the case I would just re-seal all of the connections. It looks like you used plumbers tape to seal it, I would suggest using tru blu for all of you connections. Hopefully that helps out.

That makes sense. Much appreciated!!! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


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Exactly what he said

I know this doesn’t help at all, but the placement of this valve makes me feel crazy inside


Oh wait, I see. The pump isn’t bolted down, it just scooted over next to it.

That was driving me nuts too. I’m pulling the whole thing out and doping all connections. Will add an inch to the hose section between the valve and pump. That should give me enough clearance.


-Tim Hunter
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