Soft wash System For Around 1K For Small Car

Hey I don’t have a truck just a 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid. I’m located in Orlando Fl, and want to build a soft wash system or just get a pump sprayer to start out. My goal is to just soft wash 1 or 2 story homes across the Orlando area What I have so far as materials needed is

Laundry soap
Pool essentials
Foam Cannon (just to set me apart and I like how it looks)
Xjet (Will this work with a hose or pump spray or does it have to be a soft wash system)
Hose (don’t know which to get for my setup whether it be a soft wash system or pump sprayer)

Am I missing anything for what I’m trying to accomplish just starting out OR could you recommend another build that I could try by budget is around $1K

As far as the process from doing research this is what I’ve gathered so far about how to go about this process

Spray down any foliage, plants, flowers, etc and soak them so any stray chemicals don’t damage the plants. Move any potted plants away from the house

Apply a surfactant and then hose down the house (using a foam cannon) with a chemical mix of Pool essentials, a bit of laundry soap, and water

Wait 3 to 5 minutes then rinse down with water.

You need to get rid of the laundry detergent, pool essentials, foam cannon and xjet. Other then that you are good to go. And a few weeks of research here.

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Few weeks of research have led me here I believe I started…9/17 that’s what I’ve gotten so far and people have backed it

Could you explain what I’m missing? Most of the builds I’m seeing on here come out to at least 2K I saw one for 1500 but it’s a big rig designed for a truck

No one on here is recommending laundry soap. You can use the RIGHT TYPE of laundry soap in a pinch. Use the wrong type and it can backfire badly.

You need real soap. Ditch the foam cannon.

If you start with a pump sprayer, you’ll look like a hack, and that’s no way to build a business.

You’re getting on the right track.

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Are you going to haul a small trailer with the car or trying to operate this out of the trunk of your car?

Any links for any system that I can buy/build for around 1K that will still allow me to lug around in my car?

Even if I have to let the seats down I don’t really mind. Laundry soap was recommended by almost everyone on Youtube and Reddit. Don’t “Scoff” because not just randoms dudes with 800+ subscribers and hundreds of videos so I “assumed” they knew what they were talking about that’s why I’m asking. If it’s bad move I’ll ditch the idea and grab a surfactant that you recommend.

I like the foam cannon because I would help me stand apart. Something different unless you tell me it will damage something then I’ll ditch it.

Trunk of the car or let all the seats down for the time being untill I can find a wire mesh trailer with a hitch install etc

If you’re going to work out of your car, just buy a 2.5 gpm pressure washer for $500. You can softwash all the vinyl you want. But being in FL, you’re probably doing stucco. So you’ll need an xjet to go with that washer.
You can also do a 12v system instead of a washer. Not sure how it’d work out of the back of your car but i guess it’s possible. Part list here.

It seems like you’re seeing $$$$$ and all you want to spend is $$. That’s usually not a good formula for success.


I’m not going knock the foam cannon. I believe @Racer @Ikii and @Nickski have all made positive comments about it’s utility.

If you are just starting, just understand it is the end of the season in many places. I don’t know if Florida is year round washing or not as I live in the north. Generally speaking, Florida is allegedly one of the tightest markets in the country.

I don’t know how you do it for $$ when $$ is just the insurance, unless you are going in uninsured, which no one on a professional forum will say is ok.

I wouldn’t put any trust in reddit. Read on here a little bit from professionals with years of experience. A bleach stable soap is the preferred method and Qons told you straight.

NO I don’t have the money so I’m trying to make it work until I can get the money. My first few months of profits will go towards better equipment so I’m not worried about trying to cheapskate by.

Also I’ve read on this sub that you don’t want to start with anything rated under 4GPM even just starting up. Do you agree with that or could I get away with a 2.5

Any recommendations on this guy? He shows how to build one for around $500-$600 do you like his build or would you switch anything out for a little more/less? Build a Soft Wash / Roof Wash System Under $500. Parts List included - YouTube

Yeah I just like the idea to stand out. As long as it’s not damaging anything or going to make the job harder I’m down to spend the extra $$$

But yeah deff, trying to get the right materials so I’m just asking. Pool essentials literally seems to be the most popular brand by the subs with the most business and even featured so If the universal consensus is to NOT use it I’m confused.

Because not just 1 or 2 or 3 a lot of sources said go with it but on here sources are saying not too. That’s why I’m asking not to be rude but to understand why I shouldn’t go with it or at least the drawbacks to using it vs whatever is recommended on here.

I also found this highly rated supplier that said they would ship to FL as well Chemicals Archives - Southeast Softwash

Here’s the deal. Most of the guys on here are professional contractors that do this for a living. Facebook and YouTube are full of quacks that have no idea what they are doing but they like talking. You can’t run a business out of the back of a car. You can’t run a business with a 12v sprayer and a foam cannon. Borrow money. Buy equipment. Get insurance. Go to work.


Whats going to set you apart is working out of your car! Like clowns at the circus. The florida market is saturated with bozos. I see guys with hundred thousand dollar cab overs that dont have a clue how to wash. You really need to reevaluate your objectives. I think the 2.5 could work for doing mobile homes or something. No flat work unless youve got all day. Save up for a truck and at least a 4 gallon. Ive been doing it for 7 years that way now. Heres a free look

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No foam cannon for me, I use this gun that connects to a gallon jug and I downstream it this way. For only doing residential is very efficient since I don’t need to carry a pressure washer or tanks. Just my homemade booster system to spray this gun at about 90-100 psi.

A foam cannon doesn’t hold enough, you’d be refilling all the time. Plus, they don’t spray far. They are for washing cars only

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Here’s a timeline of my early progression.

While replacing a customer’s porch screens she asked if I knew anyone that could clean her disgusting wood deck. I ended up getting a used 2.3gpm and made $600 on that job.

I did one more small job with it and sold it for what I paid and found a new 4/4 direct drive machine for $950. It was really heavy so found a 5x8 enclosed trailer for $900 and used that setup for about a year.

Late 2019 I took the proceeds and (stupidly) bought a 5.5/3500 machine for $3500. If I had just put an extra $500 on the credit card I wouldn’t have had to upgrade that machine.

Hope that helps.


Got it and I respect that but I have to play with the cards I’m dealt I can’t “borrow money” that isn’t an option for me at the moment so in working what I got at the moment I’m asking for recommendations you feel me? I definitely get what you’re saying I’m not saying I can run a business with a foam canon I’m just speaking of standing out you don’t have keep speaking on the foam canon I get that it’s not something you’re with at all.

Ok then I was misinformed I thought the foam canon was like an attachment that just made foam come out instead of a steady stream. See this is why I ask these questions

Ok perfect so that gun that connects to a gallon jug how can I replicate this build? If i’m not having to carry around a pressure washer or tanks this is exactly the sort of starter information that could get me off the ground and running!

Either you get the right equipment and grow your business or you spend an extra couple months trying to get the right equipment and wasting your time and money. Your best bet is to read everything you can on here before you buy anything and quit listening to the guys on youtube. YT washers have no interest in your business succeeding, they just want you to start your business so you buy their “pro washer extreme house soft cleaning $4 million/hour” course that doesn’t teach you anything

No. But you said you only had $1k to work with. A 4gpm is minimum.

You can build what that guy has, and it could work for cleaning vinyl and stucco. Not sure a car could fit a big drum in it. Maybe a 30 gallon drum. I don’t think you can build one for $500 these days.

@taylor2121 - the best thing you could do is spend about an hour or 2 a day reading on here, go get a part-time 2nd job, assuming you already have some job. Every fast food place in the country paying $15/hr at least - 20 hours/week is $300 - after withholding you’ll get around $250 - in 3 months you’ll have $3k and you can get a decent setup. Meanwhile be looking for a used pickup you could trade your car for.