Soft Wash Soap

I was thinking the same thing. Lol

Pressure Works in New Orleans? BTW @Harold, go check your Google Reviews and see if this sounds familiar:

GSPP ROCKS! These folks are among the best in the business, with a national reputation for rock solid technique and cutting edge procedure. I highly recommend!

The confusion between the CC charge and the refund through PayPal just became too much. I like Russ, I really do, but I just quit speding money there because of that. I prefered Eliminator for houewash, Snotmenade for roofs UNTIL I bought a 5g pail of SLO MO. That stuff has saved me a ton of money and I haven’t had to apologize even once for the bleach smell. I have two pails of Elemenator in my shop and part of a Snotmenade pail. Don’t know when I’ll use them BECAUSE I FOUND AN UNOPENED PAIL OF SLO MO this morning (BIG WIN) tha’ll likely hold me over until next Summer or Fall.

In the Tidewater VA area Jet Noise is the sound of freedom, and bleach is the smell of clean!!

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I sent you my address feel free to send me all that Elemonator and Snotmenade you aren’t using :joy:

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Generous and kind to a fault!


Thanks George. Appreciate that.

No it was some company that @Firefighter4hire recommended so I gave them a shot for the apple scent. They also have mango and a few others. Shipping was fast. The gallon was about $50 with shipping

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That’s funny, In my washing world if it smells pretty and fruity they think it’s a sham and will run you off, They want their nose to burn when they smell it lol.


@Harold did you try the apple yet. My favorite is the mango.

Not here Here in Los Angeles… People are extremely particular… Oh and they are ready to shoot you with a negative review like the old wild west


I did not. It didn’t come in in time for the apartment complex. I only use the scents when I think I’ll have people complain. Next time I run into one of those jobs I’ll test out the apple. The sales rep said it was their most sold scent. Thanks for the suggestion I’ve never heard of them but they’re super easy to deal with

I’m a big fan of pressure works I always deal with Mark out of the Stafford store. Only bad thing about them is they are old school pressure washing no 12v stuff

What does the floral smell like? Like potpourri overwhelming or a light flower? I haven’t started and I got people asking not to smell bleach when I am done with their pool deck. I said really? You smell chems all day from your pool, but whatever you want your gonna be customer no.3 and you get what you want.


Its pretty light go with the mango or apple

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I’m fortunate enough to be 20 minutes from Southside. I may have to try the apple scent.

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Alright, like skunk in flowers, gotcha. Apple it is then.

Thanks for the heads up. I don’t know what mango smells like so apple it is then.

@Firefighter4hire, (AKA my good brother Tony) and the owner of Pressure Works (AKA Ed) are fairly close. I just wondered if Ed had spread his hustle to the Gulf Coast.