Soft Wash setup is in. Any input?


Had to stick w the small 5x10 single axle trailer for now. That will be my next investment.

Have a 50 gallon buffer tank that will go on my pick up truck bed since space was obviously not enough.


Are you concerned with suds overflowing due to the pump always being in bypass?


I love the gas soft wash pump idea and sets ups…just don’t know enough about them.


Your going to need to direct the bypass back into the intake. This will stop your tank from foaming over . But you will not be able to leave it in bypass long without creating heat and cavitation in the pump


Not sure what you mean. I know how to work it but have never actually owned it and the install was done at a local shop. What needs to change?


Not sure what you mean either. Im sorry. New to this. Install was made by a local shop that assured me this would be the way to go. What hose needs to go where then?


Thanks for the input!



First the vendors conned every one into buying reclaim when Robert H and the pwna sold out the industry to make a buck. Now vendors are pitching softwash, which is basically where where the industry started. Nothing new under the sun and vendors and orgs are shady.


Seeing as you have a 690 honda on your hot wash machine that means your running over 5gpm. So where the buffer tank for the pressure washer now?


Dont get one. Everyone who has had one says they dont last and leak. Either go Air or 12V.


Ive done over 600k sq ft of roof with a chemical setup like this one. No issues. 200 gallons of fresh water run thru that pump every day for rinsing


Pick up truck bed


The hose that flow back to the tank when you let off the trigger needs to be relocated to the inlet side of your pump. Otherwise you chem tank will turn into a foam party after a few minutes in bypass. This is only necessary if you use a surfactant in your mix. Those pump are not well suited for our field. Because we use soap But plenty of guys use them anyway with some success.


Never had a problem with this before since the guy I’ve been working with does not use a good surfactant, only a few scoops of gain. So thanks for the input.
I honestly have nothing bad to say about this setup for chemical. Did a Trump National property with a little over 600k sq ft and had no issues. The only part that needed replacement in those 3 months was that plastic part with the 90° at the intake. Shops have it locally and we had a spare at all times after it went out the first time.


That’s a nice setup. What are the specs of the softwash unit?

Consider replacing the tank with two vertical tanks or two horizontal stackable tanks.


9.6 gpm Comet Pump.

For now I have to stick with one tank for the mix because of space. The guy im working with has the 2 vertical tanks. Not much of a fan to be honest and have worked a good amount of time with him.


Yah I was taken back at Mike H presentation at the Huge convention when he was talking about how when reclaim became a big thing there was almost no competition in fleets because of the new regs. And I started to put 2 a d 2 together…your dad wrote the regs


Few people have done more to destroy this industry for profit.