Soft Wash or Different Tips?

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I’m confused on why you need a soft wash system (12v pump) to clean surfaces that demand less pressure (roofs, sides of houses etc.)?

I understand why you need less pressure, but instead of a soft wash system, can’t you just adjust the pressure using the correct tip? Or if you had a 12v pump why would you need a 5.5gpm 3000psi pressure washer? Why do you need both?

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Pressure washer can do both soft washing by changing tips and pressure washing. You can do hard surfaces or more delicate with a pressure washer. 12v good for roofs and hotter mixes you might need to chemically treat stucco, concrete or brick. You don’t get much pressure out of the 12v 60-100 psi so no good for any hard surfaces. You can wash a house or roof with 12v but that’s about it, not efficient washing a house with it in my opinion but guys do it. Downstream with pressure washer just seems the way to go….


Higher drawing downstream chemical injectors will hopefully one day change the need for any additional equipment for Softwashing. You NEED a “Softwash” system for much higher concentration of chemicals when the need arises. Currently the highest dilution ratio that can be achieved using a downstream chemical injector is 5.4:1 with a 4 gpm machine and The Gold Standard Injector PW Gadgets offers. IF the high pressure pump could injest your chemical as supply just like water you could have your cake and eat it too but most chemicals are much too harsh to send through the pump.

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Thank you for your answer, this makes complete sense. Much appreciated!!

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No problem, it was a great question to ask!