Soft wash machine

I have been reading about softwash for about a year and I am really confused. Some people say buy a setup and spend 4 to 5 grand and others say build your own. I have always been a do it yourself person so I’M very interested in finding some plans and parts lists so I could see if building my own is something I would/could consider. Any help is appreciated thank you.

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You have not yet read enough.

Your assignment for today; define SoftWashing.

What do YOU think it is?

give me 5k and I’ll hook you up with everything you need to get started

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I am looking at roof washing and residential house washing. I would define soft wash in as low pressure with the help of chemicals. The most common chemical seems to be 12.5 sh. I am wondering how much of an initial investment I have to make.

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How much revenue do you expect to generate?

Really not sure we have roofs and siding with mildew in our area however not sure about the market. I am continuing to grow my window cleaning business so I am thinking cleaning roofs and siding could take off just nervous about making an investment that is going to take along time to recoup my investment and start making me money.

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Who are you Frankie? Where are you located?

The correct investment in Roof Cleaning Equipment takes less than one day to earn back.

We often earn more in one week than our whole company cost to get set up initially. Including insurance.

We don’t get to keep it all :slight_smile:

Northern Michigan. That’s what I am trying to find out what exactly do I need. I have seen and read about all kinds of setups. I am looking to make an investment where I can continue to upgrade my equipment as the money starts to come in. That is what I have done with my window cleaning as I have invested in a wfp and system.

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Where at in northern MI?

There aren’t many people up there doing it. You would have to target the retirees and the summer homeowners for the most part. If you’re on the east side of the state you’ll have a tougher go at it than being on the west side where the money and population is more concentrated. That being said you could easily have your equipment paid off halfway through your first season. The problem up there is that everybody is so spread out and there isn’t much of a middle class. Marketing won’t be cheap so you will have to be selective about who you target.

I do know the outfit that I won’t name that uses a surface cleaner and sodium hydroxide to wash roofs really pushes their product in the gaylord area and they wouldn’t he hard to compete against armed with a few pieces of literature from the Arma on how to properly to wash a roof. They gave my folks an insanely outrageous quote to wash their roof, I did it myself in two hours and $30 worth of sh. Don’t know them personally but trying to Jack over a couple of older people isn’t too cool in my book.

Getting a good setup doesn’t have to be insanely expensive. You could get rolling for under 3k without the trailer.

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I just figured out that you’re in the U. P.

I don’t know anything about the scene up there other than the men are men and the women will also kick your ass if you fall out of line.

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Lol I m only 30 miles from the bridge so the northern lower is also part of my area.I would love to know exactly what I need to start this. I have been looking for a supplier of 12.5 sh and would love to be up and running next spring so I have time but want to make this happen so I can hit the ground running next spring.

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I think [MENTION=6510]Tim4[/MENTION] uses 8.5. Is that correct Tim?

If so, that’s available everywhere.

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You’re going to have a hard time finding 12.5 up there. Very few swimming pools and not much manufacturing. You’ll have to Google sodium hypochlorite to see if anything pops up.

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Thank you for your help.

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If you ever want to drive 5 hours South and check things out I’d be glad to help. I go up north quite a bit but never drag my equipment up there.

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I may take you up on that I am trying to finish up my fall window cleaning for the next month and a half. When do you start cleaning roofs in the spring?

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As soon as the weather cooperates. This year was April 20th, I couldn’t risk having my equipment in the trailer before then since winter wouldn’t go away.

I washed a lot of houses in late April and early may when it was still cold. I really didn’t like that, nothing works great and gutters are a pain when it’s cold.

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We use the Fatboy system for our softwashing needs (Simply running strong chemicals typically 50% or so through an electric pump to clean items that require a strong solution e.g. roofs, dumpster pads, bad mold patches)

When you look at the Fatboy system you see how simple of a design it is.

All a softwashing system is is a electric pump, powered by a 12v battery, with a hose reel, and a determined amount of softwash hose on that reel.

It’s not complex, the conventional wisdom is to go build your own with a $250 pump, $350 hose reel, $200 hose, $60 battery, etc.

If you’re comfortable learning something new and building it on your own. Please do.

If you’re new and don’t fully understand. Drop $1,400 and buy a fatboy system. You’ll make your money back and some after 1-2 roofs.

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Hi Guys interested to know 2 things . Firstly where or who sells the Soft Wash in a box system and contact details ?would appreciate it. I am in South Africa and would like to know what your costs on SH is up there wondering if I could possibly offer you guys better pricing with a big manufacturer in my home town and 5 minutes away from the port .

what is the price to get 200 gals SH to my business near the south jersey shore? How long will it take to get here? How fresh will it be?