Soft Wash Build

Hello! I am the owner/operator of Wolverine Exterior Services. I have been here a few times before but I forgot my old account info. Last season, I was using an xjet, and a pressure washer for everything, and I hated it. way too much pressure off the xjet, and too much overspray for roofs :confused:

I am building a 12v soft wash system in attempt to fix it, but I want to see if im missing anything, or if anything needs to be changed.

All the parts im about to mention are already owned.
-50 gallon chem tank
-Proportioner (Stealth Soft Wash ELITE Proportioner System - DIY KIT)
-12v switch
-250’ of flexilla 1/2" air hose
-5 gallon tank (buffer)
-12v battery
-Various gauges of wires + electrical odds and ends
-5.5 GPM everflo 60psi pump
-hose reel

These are the rest of the things im assuming I will need but dont yet have
-Hudson valve
-fittings + hoses

What else am I missing?


I am also building one!

It was pointed out to me you want the highest GPM and PSI pump you can get, so a 7/60 is what will push through 250’ of hose, and even then only come out about half that.

Also your hose reel must have stainless internals to last longer than a few months.

10ga wires are preferred.

That’s all I have, the other guys can tell you better.

hmm maybe I should return my 5.5 and get 7.0 pump. Anyone have some input?

I’ve been researching this very thing over the last two days. Looking good to me.
I saw All About Pressure Washing guy used a solar charger on his Budget Soft Wash build. I thought that was interesting.
I wish the kits weren’t so much more of a premium than parting them out.

20 bucks on a DS injector is a lot cheaper and easier


Your 5.5 will be fine for most things, especially roofs. I have numerous of both and use the 5.5 95% of the time.

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Don’t get the 100psi. Get a 60 and adjust up to 80 if you want. 100 psi burns up the relay pretty quick. Look at your charts.

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I use a 5.5 with 200 feet 1/2” hose. Works fine…

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Get a 100 psi not 60

Get a 75psi not 100 or 60. Lol


Aaahhh I just don’t know!

What are you mainly going to use it for and how many feet of hose?

Am I wrong on these softwash kits being WAY more money? All of them are $1500-2000. I’m not coming anywhere close if I parted that out and just watched a YouTube video putting it together. Some of them seem like it is a 30-40% mark-up.


Well, uh…yeah. Do you expect a business to source and acquire parts, assemble, test, and ship it to you for the same price you can do all of that? What would be the benefit to them?

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Yes, if someone else takes the time and resources to lay out a design, build it, test it, and market it, it will cost more than you doing it yourself. 30%-40% is not that much markup in reality.

Dang, you beat me by less than a minute

Do you plan on charging your potential customers just enough to cover cost of operations or do you plan on making profit in there somewhere? That’s was these pre-made skid companies are doing - and having to pay at least one employee to put it altogether.

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Anyone that looks at “brands” when it comes to softwash systems is an A-grade fool. None of these companies have an advantage over any other. Supplying 12v to a pump plumbed to reel isn’t rocket science. You will dismantle it many times for maintenance, leading you to the same place as building it yourself the first time without the hype fee attached to it.


This one is a grade A+++

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