Soft Tips from Wash Safe

Does anyone have experience with 's Soft Tips? Not very expensive and not much risk in trying them but I figured someone here might have an opinion. Thank you all.

They are the exact same tips you can buy from any vendor or Northern Tool. Except, buying from someone else doesn’t line the pockets of a company that tries to put pressure washing companies out of business with scare tactics and misleading statements.


Your machine came with 4 or 5 of them. Give your cash to these guys instead

It seemed after reading about them that these were specially made to be low pressure and they are not like the ones that came with my machine. Thanks.

You have a lot of reading to do. But here it is; the pressure is created by the size of the oriface in the nozzle. Bigger the oriface, lower the pressure. Like your thumb on a hose. Let it loose you get low pressure, high volume; push tight get higher pressure, lower volume. We dont pressure wash houses, we low pressure wash houses. Bigger oriface, higher volume. Thats why we run high gpm machines. Read up!


Sir, What did I say that made you presume I don’t know that? I am probably one of the few people you will ever talk to who can say they read the Audels Mechanics and Millwrights Guide cover to cover. All 900 pages. I am merely wondering if these nozzles are different than what is on my machine and if any of you have used them. The manufacturer says they are specially made for washing wood. Did you have a chance to read their description of the item?
From their site:

“The “Soft Tip” limits the pressure and softens the impact on any surface that is being pressure washed, use of these tips will drastically limit the potential damage that a “stock” pressure washer tip may cause. Stock tips scar wood on decks, mark up siding and also remove the granules from the roof shingles”.

Thanks, I enjoy doing business with Pressure Tek already.

If you read this forum like it were Audels Mechanics youd be the man. But, you didnt. Pressure scars wood. Larger oriface reduces pressure.

So, lets try again:


OMG i didnt realize this! Can i wash a roof with this “soft tip”? Did you read this in Audels Mechanics and Millwrights Guide?


Just ordered me some


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Yes I know that. I have scarred my share of wood. Again I am simply asking if anyone has had experience with these Soft Tips.

No, The Guide doesn’t cover pressure washing the only thing close is chapter 24 on pumps and chapter 26 on hydraulics. The quote is from the sellers website. Thanks for your help.

What pressure washer do you have? Have you tried the jrod?