Soft finish concrete

Hey guys asked to clean a driveway. Seems newly placed, within a few years. It’s a very soft ‘scuff’ finish.
It is fairly clean, some algae in shaded areas and some staining from the fence treatment.

Process I’m thinking of taking is pre treating with a 3% mix and and rinsing with my soft wash tips.
Any other suggestions?

Never saw a soft finish concrete driveway and parking pad.
I would try the surface washer in a corner or a hiden area.
Pretreat brings good results.

I’m familiar with the finish, a lot in the area. We never done it for our clients when I was concreting because it looks ugly and the surface is very, very soft.
This slab was finished by a magnesium float and to leave these types of swirls in the cream it was very soft when they were finishing.

I’m leaning towards a soft wash because it will be so easy to damage

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I’d put 3-5% sh and soft rinse.


Extra strong pretreatment and rinse is the way to go then. Here in Florida, beacuse of the state being on sand, most concrete is at least 3000psi and broom finish or finer, so surface wash ready.

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As everyone mentioned already… use a heavy pretreatment for staining, dwell, & rinse with high volume…

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I’d light er up and get it done. 6% and rinse with my second story soap tip.

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Hmm another question.
Had a client ask to wash exposed aggregate, they’re concerned about pressure.
Explained I would pretreat, surface clean, post treat. I’m a little concerned because there were some blow outs when they exposed the concrete.