Soffits Never Come Clean

Hey guys been reading everything I can about pressure washing and have tried a few searches for other problems like this and I remember reading a while back about them being called like Mud Monsters but every house I wash I struggle with getting the soffits rinsed well. They always leak mud and never stop. Any tips would help.


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You talking about the vinyl perforated ones? You have to try and get as little water in them as possible. Always hit them at the most extreme angle you can, and keep the water moving. I use a 2540 and just use the misty portion of that

There’s dirty insulation right on the other side of that perf, and if it gets dripping wet you’re in trouble.


This is my first full year, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I had the same issue as you and started rinsing top to bottom from one side to the other. Once the water on the top portion on the side I started rinsing had drained down (off of the siding, not from inside the soffit) I rinse just below the soffit and let the mist rinse off the colored runs on the soffit. It has been effective for me. I try not to directly hit the soffit to make sure not to soak water into their attic.


Let them drip the dirty water and do something else for 5 mins. Come back and hit them with a light mist like the other guys said. Most times they end up almost clean anyway.

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So treat them with HW mix and then mist them?

Wait till they dry and come back with a microfiber and wipe it clean. Can’t always use just the gun for everything

Yep. But even when you’re applying the mix, go at a long angle and make sure you’re keeping the plants below wet

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