Soffit spots

Hey guys. Quick question about these black spots on the soffits of a house I did today. It’s only in the back area of the house by their patio. I went over them once. Saw the spots. Took a picture then hit them again. They won’t budge. I tried scrapping one of them off with my fingernail and a key. They wouldn’t budge.

Thank you!!

Have they got some mulch below? Looks like Artillery fungus got up there. Was there any on the siding below?

No sir. No mulch at all. It’s an open patio. It the lawn, a step and then the patio. And its only on a 12 foot section. I wish I would have taken a picture of the area.

I got three guesses for you

Maybe the homeowner had some plant boxes on that area with mulch in them. Artillery mold/fungus shoots pretty far, a mulched tree 10 feet away will hit a house easily. Without going back and rereading all the info on artillery mold, I think it can shoot up to 20’.

There is also a chance if you look under that soffit that they might have some mold issues, happens with moisture and poor ventilation.

lastly is it a metal or a plastic/vinyl soffit. Some of the older stuff was metal and it does corrode over time.

All out of guesses for you. Good luck.

Awesome! Thank you. I’ll double check when I do the neighbors house.