Sodium percarbonate

Hello all,
New to the PW game. Have been doing solar panel cleaning and window washing for the past two years. With more and more clients asking about power washing I need to become better informed. From my research and this forum I know SH is the preferred cleaning agent. Curious what you all think of sodium per carbonate for stucco ( 99% of home siding in my area) and concrete. The only reason I’m leaning toward sodium percarbonate if the friendliness to the plants and waterways. What’s your opinion???


SH isn’t the preferred cleaning method, it pretty much is the only cleaning method. Think of it this way, it’s like you cleaning solar panels with a toothbrush and a spray bottle…can you clean it that way? Sure, but wouldn’t be near as effective as your cleaning method you use (like DI WFP). You’re still going to have to rely on pressure and going over every inch with a wand. It would take you 10-20 times longer too.

Thanks Tim , any precautions I need to take for vegetation besides pre and post rinse?? Is SH strong enough discolor painted stucco?? I’ll be practicing on my own house first.